Apr 13th, 2014

His owner told me that according to a Native American myth, dogs with different colored eyes can see both heaven and earth.
Apr 5th, 2014

"One day a crazy looking homeless guy came to the door, and we were about to close the door on him, but my mother saw him and shouted: ‘Hey Eugene!’ She knew his name! Then she ran around the kitchen putting all sorts of food into tupperware, and brought it out to him. After he left, we asked my mom why she gave him so much food. She told us: ‘You never know how Jesus is going to look when he shows up.’ She was always saying that— it was a spiritual thing. Then you know what happened? Two months later, that same man showed up on the door step, clean shaven, and wearing a suit. And he had an envelope with money for my mother. ‘Ms. Rosa always believed in me,’ he said. I’ll never forget it! Eugene was his name."
Apr 2nd, 2014

"He sings to each of his kids individually when it’s time for them to go to bed."
Mar 20th, 2014

I will NOT cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.

Mar 1st, 2014
Mar 1st, 2014
"I don’t want to settle. I want mindfucking love. I want to spend all night thinking about kissing you, and when I finally get the guts to, I want to go deaf to everything but that moment. I refuse to settle for anything less."

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Mar 1st, 2014
"No other looked into her secret eyes.
Nobody dared."
— Anna Akhmatova, from Crucifixion 

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Mar 1st, 2014
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Feb 28th, 2014
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You left my soul bleeding in the dark
So you could be king…

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Feb 27th, 2014